Crave Box – Winter Favorites Review

This is my first Cravebox! I signed up on their website to be notified when a specially themed box becomes available. You complete a survey and if picked they send you out the box. Cravebox tells you the price of the box in advance but you don’t get to know what’s in the box, just the theme of the box.



The theme of this Cravebox is Winter Favorites!


Campbell’s Gourmet Bisques Golden Butternut Squash soup – $3.99

This was nummy and perfect for a cold day! I added a dash of nutmeg with a a baguette on the side! Even the two year old liked it!


12 oz. bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce – $3.99

Well, I’ve always known Heinz had 157 varieties, but I was never aware of this one! This came with a great recipe for the “Ultimate Party Meatballs” , The husband loves meatballs so I can’t go wrong!


1 package of 4 BelVita blueberry Breakfast Biscuits and a coupon for buy one get one free BelVita Breakfast Biscuits – >; $1.00 & $3.00

These smelled just like a blueberry muffin when I opened the package. They tasted pretty good knowing they are suppose to be a kind of meal replacement, but not sure if this would keep me satisfied as a full-time breakfast substitute.


Mary Kay lip gloss in Red Passion – $14.00

This is a neat color and even has festive glitter in it! If applied lightly over a neutral/pink lip liner it comes out a very nice berry color.


(4) .25 oz. packages of Vitabath body wash in Green Tea & Sage, Dreamy Pink Frosting, Beach Blossom and Grapefruit Vanilla. Value – >; 0.25/each

I have only used the Green Tea & Sage with my scrubby shower gloves, but it smelled really nice and the lather was decent!

Receive 25% off your entire order at Use Code: CRAVE25 Valid Jan 1 -Mar 31.


Recipe booklet from Pillsbury and Coupons for a free package of Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough and Refrigerated Pie Crust Value = $3.82 & $4.00

Who doesn’t love the scent of freshly baked cookies? I also have some filling for a turkey pot pie that these pie crusts will be perfect for!


Coupon for a free Nancy’s frozen appetizer or dessert – up to $9.99

I looked online at their variety of appetizers and besides quiche they have crab cakes, cheese souffles, cheese cake bites and deli pinwheels. Yummy!


Coupon for free International Delight Creamer – $3.82

The husband loves this in French Vanilla!

The total value of the Cravebox Winter Favorites box is just under $48.00, not bad at all seeing that I paid $14.00 including shipping! I have used or tried most everything in this box including the coupons (who can’t use FREE?) I am actually a big fan of tomato soup (as is the two year old) and when I saw that Campbell’s has a variety, I was a happy camper! And cute food (Nancy’s) ?!? Cute food always tastes better!


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