December Gourmet Spotting Review

I LOVE food (especially ‘cute’ food) and I enjoy eating , I always say “I didn’t get this figure by passing on good food” – well I guess having a baby didn’t help either!

Gourmet Spotting promotes “Discover the world from your kitchen” For $29.99 a month plus $7.95 shipping they will send you a box of 4 to 6 medium to full sized hand-picked gourmet products from around the world. The founders of Gourmet Spotting have traveled the world exploring and eating (sound like my kind of people!) and now they share what they have found with everyone else. In addition to sending you a box of delicious gourmet goodies, they also donate a meal to charity for every box they ship.


Gourmet Spotting includes a nice leaflet that tells you about all the products that are included in the current month’s box.


First view of opening the box!


(8) 5g 63% Cocoa Madecasse Chocolate – $3.00

Awesome! I love chocolate in all forms and this was great, I just wish there was more!


(8) 5g Madecasse Milk Chocolate – $3.00

Still chocolate, still awesome! I will be buying more of this!


1.1 lb bag of Terre Di Murgia Orecchiette Durum Pasta from Italy. I have no clue how much this costs (I searched high and low on the internet) the closest I cam was finding the importer in New York. This was farking AMAZING, and as soon as Gourmet Spotting has there online store set up I will be buying it in multiple multiples!!


3.4 oz. Bel Frantoio 100% organic White Truffle Oil – $15.00

This was pretty good, I am well aware that white truffles are more rare than black. However, I currently have black truffle oil and find that it has more of the intensity of the flavor I am looking for (think truffle fries). I am sure this will get used as there are plenty of menu items that this would be a perfect drizzle on!


5 oz. Heartbreaking Dawn’s Classic Gold Hot Sauce – $6.99

This is a great hot sauce! It has a nice sweet introductory flavor and then POW! the heat kicks in and quickly fades so you can still taste what you are eating. We mixed this with our traditional Mexican hot sauce and had it with tacos, taquitos, empanadas, quasadillas and it was a nice addition. Mommy also used it to make a Bloody Mary on Sunday and that came out great too!


3x’s Seven flavors of teas from Harney & Sons (21 in total) – $5.00

I like tea, especially when my dancing monkey is sleeping, it helps me to sit, relax and rejuvenate. I have tasted all the flavors provided and each one was impeccable. These are another “will buy” for me!

The approximate value of the items in the Gourmet Spotting Box is $48.00 (I am guessing about $15.00 for the amazing pasta.) Overall this was an outstanding box and I eagerly anticipate the opening of their online store. I am happy to support their efforts to provide a meal for every box sold and can’t wait to see next month’s box holds!

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