December Conscious Box Review

Conscious Box sends a variety of Earth friendly items from snacks and food, health and beauty to household and cleaning. The price is $19.95 a month including shipping or a 3 month plan at $56.85, or a 6 month plan at $111.70 (18.61 a box). Their mission posted on the website reads “Conscious Box is dedicated to introducing you to the most ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses that create the purest products available. We scour the marketplace to find those that stand above the rest. Discovery defines the Conscious Box experience.”


Yeah!! My first Conscious Box arrived!


I really like the Natural impression it gives you right off the bat!


The first peek inside!


Lemi Shine Dishwasher Detergent 2.5oz – $1.50

This is a product you are to use in conjunction with your regular dishwasher detergent. From their website “Keeps dishes and glassware shining by removing hard water minerals in the main wash cycle of your dishwasher.”

I look forward to trying this as I live in and area with hard water. It will be interesting to see what kind of a difference it makes.


18 Rabbits Gracious Granola in Pecan, Almond and Maple 3.5oz – $2.40

The Husband ate this and really liked it. He said the flavor was good and the variety of seeds and nuts added a nice texture.


The GoodOnYa Bar in Peanut Butter Chocolate- $2.65

This is organic and mostly raw. I shared this with my little one and thought it was good, I really like that they use hone instead of agave and it wasn’t too sweet. There is a strong possibility we will be buying more of these!


Beanfields Pico de Gallo Chips – $1.50

These were great! I am so happy to have found a corn free chip!, the flavor was really good and my kiddo loved them too! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these next time I am in the store.


St. Claire’s Organics – Ginger Pastilles – $2.99

These are very strong with a very” real” taste, if you love ginger you’ll love these and it is nice to have an alternative to the ubiquitous mint flavors.


trubar in Walnut Cappuccino – $1.99

The husband has this one at the office (I can’t eat walnuts or pecans) so I will report back as soon as he tells me how it was!


7th Heaven Moroccan Clay Mask – $2.99

This is the second mud mask I have received in a box this month! Everyone must be worried about dry winter skin and really, who couldn’t use a spa day even if it is at home for 15-20 minutes?


Eboost – $1.40 per pouch if buying a box of 20

Nice! Energy to go! I just hope it tastes good.


Episencial Playful Wash Sample .33oz – $0.65

I love to try new baby care items, especially ones with out all the toxins you find in most of the mass produced mainstream products out there.


NurtureMe Organic Dry Baby Food – $0.60

My little one is a bit old for straight babyfood, but the kiddo loves bananas and we were out the other day so I mixed this in with a smoothie and it was a huge hit!


Sweet little temporary tattoo!

The approximate value of this month’s Conscious Box is $19.00. I was really impressed by how much the fit in the box as well as the variety of products. I always love learning about new products especially if they are more eco-friendly and sustainable and to be able to support smaller companies is a great bonus!


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