The Honest Co.

I have been hearing a lot about The Honest Co., founded by Jessica Alba and Christoper Galvagin with the goal of providing effective, non-toxic and sustainable baby, child, adult and household items to everyone at an affordable price. While they do have monthly subscription boxes (or bundles) called Honest Diapers Bundle – $79.95, with your choice of size and patterns (yes, patterns!) along with wipes, or the Family Essentials Bundle – $35.95 (you can mix and match bath and body products along with household cleaners) I chose to test out a package of diapers and wipes prior to committing to a monthly subscription.

Honest Co

“We are committed to operating with integrity & transparency, and with humble honesty, as we strive to always create better, do better, and be better.”


Here is what I ordered:

3 packages of Honest Wipes (70 wipes each) – $14.85

1 package of Honest Diapers – $13.95

(the amount of diapers you get per package depends on the size diaper you order)


Look at how cute the pattern on these diapers are and it is only one of twelve available!! I really like the idea of these diapers and have always been wary of what sort of chemicals I use on my kiddo so I was very happy to see this information on their site:

  • Naturally biodegradable & pure plant-based PLA in the inner & outer sheet (NO petrochemicals/oil)
  • Bio-based wheat / corn super-absorbent materials blended with reduced SAP gel
  • Choose from a growing selection of modern & fashionable design options for your girl or boy
  • Secure moisture barrier cuffs to prevent leakage or blowouts
  • Comfortable stretchy, re-fastenable grip tabs
  • Contoured fit & non-irritating feel for the most sensitive skin
  • Premium fit & performance, completely safe, and super-cute designs – definitely not your standard white diaper

I will have to get back to you on the actual performance of these but I really hope they work out!!


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