January Yumvelope Review

Yumvelope is a subscription service that for $21.00 a month (or $18.00 if you sign up for 6 months, it includes a bonus 7th box) they will send you a large USPS padded envelope filled with a minimum of six full-size, all-natural products, including snacks, drinks, desserts, and chocolates. I love snacks and I love chocolate so I signed up!


First peek!


Ticket Kitchen Vanilla Mint Hot Chocolate on a Stick in Vanilla Mint – $5.50

I am seeing hot chocolate on a stick everywhere these days (it could be because I have chocolate on the brain and it is the season!) I figure with these being as popular as they are, that all those people must be on to something, not to mention how cute they are and easy to transport!

Lush Nuts in Dark Chocolate Chili .8 oz – $1.15

These look great and I really like how they put a twist on the classic chocolate/peanut combo!

Coupon for Buy 3 get 1 Free


Black + Blanco Sandcastles in Deep Chocolate Infrared – $6.00

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed these, especially seeing that they are vegan! Although they are a bit crumbly, there was a nice rich chocolate flavor. We will definitely be trying other flavors in the future!

Mayesa Chocolate Drink in Mint – $2.00

This looks good, I already like chocolate coconut water so I am assuming that this won’t be far off!

Ticket Kitchen Chocolate Bar in Grasshopper Pie – $5.00

This was super yummy! It is very reminiscent of everyone’s favorite cookie sold by troops of girls going door-to-door, however I liked this chocolate more (better quality made in smaller batches?) and the ratio of cookie pieces to chocolate!


Weefulls Waffle and Crepe Mix in Banana – $10.99

My kiddo loves breakfast and this looks like a quick and easy fix for his morning meal. I love that it has hidden veggies and is made with organic ingredients! Yumvelope said the mixture had the best consistency when using the add an egg option, plus that would add some protein that my growing kiddo needs!

The approximate value of this Yumvelope is $30.64 a good return value for the $18.00 I paid! I am really impressed with my first yumvelope and am really happy with all of the items included! I am definitley looking forward to the next 6 months!


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