Fresh Dish Review – Pan Fried Sage Chops

Fresh Dish is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh, NOT FROZEN meals to your door! (check you zip code for availability.) The menu changes weekly and you can select quantities of 2 or 4 servings. The price per meal is $24.00 per 2 person meal kit or $32.00 per 4 person meal kit, with free delivery when you order 2 or more meals. There is currently no obligation to sign up for any type of subscription so you can order any week you want (or not, if nothing offered that week floats your boat) and you choose which day of the week it is delivered. You can sometimes find flash sale site deals (ie. Plum District or Groupon) offering discounts that amount to a 2 for 1 deal, which would bring the cost down to $12.00 and $16.00, respectively and that is a AWESOME deal! Fresh Dish has an offer for my readers, save $10.00 on your first order by using promo code: FRESHXMOMMY

Fresh Dish Logo

“HOME-COOKED MEALS MADE EASY” They aren’t kidding, everything is pre-measured, labeled an takes 30 minutes or less to prepare. You just provide the kitchen!


The delivery arrived (by FedEX special Ground!) This was a SERIOUSLY insulated box! Luckily I was at home to receive it, but in the event that I wasn’t available there was more than enough ice packs layered throughout the box to keep everything safely cool.


The sealed box!


First peek, with instructions and labeled ingredients!


All the included ingredients laid out, everything pre-measured! (makes it easy to save brain power for something else, maybe the VERY active 2 year old at my feet?!)


These were beautiful pieces of meat, much better than I expected for the price.


The side dish for the Pan Fried Sage Chops was a very nice Kale tossed with olive oil and smoke paprika and then oven roasted.


A little closer look at the plated meal, unfortunately I don’t have a pretty and clean white plate to display it on but, It was a HIT all around! The kiddo and I even had the left overs for lunch the next day and the chops were still moist and tasty! We will definitely be ordering more meals, it is too easy and time saving not to!

In case you missed it: Fresh Dish has an offer for my readers, save $10.00 on your first order by using promo code: FRESHXMOMMY

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