January Yuzen Box Review

Yuzen is a subscription service that costs $26/month. In your box you will receive a mix of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, natural and organic lifestyle and beauty products. All products are either very generously deluxe-sized or full-sized. . Each month’s box value is always $60 or above. Yuzen has recently sent out an e-mail saying that their subscription boxes will now be quarterly.

We are writing you today to tell you about changes we are making to our subscription format. Starting in February, we will be sending subscription boxes 4 times a year – instead of every month.

While we are excited about creating 4 beautiful seasonal boxes for you, we will miss sharing new experiences and products with you every month. We feel the additional time between boxes will give us all the opportunity to explore and enjoy the products more fully. You can be sure that we will continue to work hard to bring you the very best of the best in each and every box.”


Yeah! My eagerly anticipated second Yuzen box has arrived!


As was the last box, this one was beautifully presented with gorgeous strip of decorative paper.


First peek!


Aromafloria Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath 9 oz. – $13.00

This smells really light and clean and will be great in a bath!

Acure Moroccan Argan Oil +Argan Stem Cell Shampoo 4 oz (?) – $3.75

Acure Moroccan Argan Oil +Argan Stem Cell Conditioner 4 oz (?) – $3.75

These have a very strong almond scent to them, I have not used them yet, so I will have to get back to you on their performance.


Pangea Organics Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Creme 1 oz. – $16.00

Sweet Riot Cacao Nibs 1 oz. – $3.75

These have a really great chocolate flavor and will easily put a dent in a chocolate craving, plus at 1 calorie per nib there is no guilt!

Essence of Vali Sleep – $1.00

This has a very relaxing but strong scent, (I love lavender) and when they say use ONE drop they mean it! It was nice to fall asleep with this scent easing me into dreamland!


GaiamTV.com$3.00 (?) – $9.95 / month

I have not watched this yet, but the web site says “At GaiamTV.com we strive to create a more awake, aware and alive global community. Our curated library of streaming videos delivers the best in online yoga, fitness and personal wellness as well as provocative interviews, alternative news and thought-provoking documentaries.”


Shea Terra Organics Moroccan Argan Oil .25 oz – $2.65

I have seen a lot companies selling either 100% Argan Oil or products with Argan Oil.  I always assumed the only use for the oil was for hair and I usually use pequi oil, so I never really investigated Argan Oil. Well, now that I know it has so many uses (from face to hair, nails to body) that is going to change! With Argan Oil being so popular, a lot of companies have gone in and are now mass-producing the oil using machines (an eliminating jobs and income for the local population), Shea Terra chose to use a cooperative of women in Morocco who produce very high quality oil by hand, the traditional way.


Tilvee Lavender and Lemon Hydrating Lip Balm – $6.99

This lip balm is GREAT! It goes on smoothly and my lips feel very nice and moisturized, which is important and hard to do in the winter.  It also uses shea butter, so it is like having a hint of chocolate on your lips – Bonus!!

Total approximate value for January’s Yuzen Box is $60.84 (including the giamtv monthly value.)  I LOVE my Yuzen Box, and am only sad because it will now be a quarterly, rather than monthly delivery but, as long as they are sending them out, I will be subscribing!!

3 thoughts on “January Yuzen Box Review

  1. Wow, the bath products and oil look amazing! I’ll have to check out this subscription box company.

    – KW

    • This box really is amazing! I have loved everything they have sent! I just wish I had subscribed sooner because now they are going to a quarterly subscription instead of monthly 😦

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