January Samplrs Box Review

Samplrs is a monthly subscription boxe that brings artisan foods to your door, with the option to buy what you like at their online market. Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 full-sized products from the finest up-and-coming local (NY) food artisans. the subscription costs are: 1 month – $29.99, 3 month – $89.95, 6 month – $179.95. Depending on your state sales tax may be added. Also, for each purchase made (including subscription and Market purchases) you receive “Bonus” points which can be redeemed (after $100.00 = $10.00 credit) for their online Market purchases.

Each Samplr will include anything from cookies and chocolates to spreads and sauces, along with a card containing product descriptions, pairing suggestions, and recipes.


My first Samplr has arrived!! Please note the lovely reusable canvas bag that was included, it was used as a back-drop for the remaining pictures!


First Peek!!


Rick’s Picks Mean Beans 15 oz. – $9.95

These look very interesting, not to mention that is suggests using the brine in a Bloody Mary, and Mommy really likes Bloody Marys!


Farm to Table Organic Pure Oatmeal – $8.85

The Kiddo loves oatmeal for breakfast and I love to feed him organic food, so this worked out well for both of us! This oatmeal has a great varitey of texture, and is easily dressed up with butter, maple syrup cinnamon and I added a bit of salt.


Salt of the Earth in The Cookie – $3.50

The Cookie was AMAZING! They use chocolate discs for a nice layering of chocolate throughout The Cookie and then top the delicious guy off with Maldon Sea Salt, it is wonderfully chewy with a bit of crunch on the outside! The whole experience is almost transcendent!

Salt of the Earth in The Chocoholic – $3.50

The Chocoholic, like The Cookie is topped with Maldon Sea Salt, but this one does not have the same chewy texture. If you are looking for a good chocolate fix, this is your answer!


Crown Maple Syrup Tasting Trio – $15.95

This is a great way to test out different darkness of maple syrup. As you graduate through each level you notice the intensity increase which is really cool, plus they are all organic which is definitely a plus in my book! I used the Light Amber to flavor the kiddo’s oatmeal (that also came in this box) and it was a big hit!

The approximate value of this month’s Samplrs box is $41.75, which is comfortably above the $32.65 (including tax) I paid! This was our first month and the whole family is looking forward to the next 5 (we also highly recommend buying more cookies – it was definitely not easy to share! 🙂 )

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