January Gourmet Spotting Review

Gourmet Spotting promotes “Discover the world from your kitchen” For $29.99 a month plus $7.95 shipping they will send you a box of 4 to 6 medium to full sized hand-picked gourmet products from around the world. The founders of Gourmet Spotting have traveled the world exploring and eating (sound like my kind of people!) and now they share what they have found with everyone else. In addition to sending you a box of delicious gourmet goodies, they also donate a meal to charity for every box they ship.

The founders of Gourmet Spotting, Sandro and Aman,  are so thoughtful and helpful, between the e-mails back and forth to get more of a product from last month, to recipes and finally a coupon code, they are Wonderful!

**Use coupon code: MOMMY2013 for an additional free gourmet product worth $10 in your first box!

Gourmet Spotting Logo

“Gourmet Food to Your Door Every Month”


First Peek!


With each shipment they include  information sheet(s) on the products that are included in that month’s box.  It includes a good amount of background information on each product as well as resources to delve deeper.


Matiz Valenciano Paella Rice – $7.50

I cannot wait to try this as a nice casual group meal! I will probably serve it after some nice tapas and with a garlicky lemon aioli and followed by a yummy flan!


Granola Lab in Tamarind Fusion – $8.50

So the kiddo saw this and we had to open this up immediately! We tasted it dry and that was it – SOLD! This is a great not overly sweet, mass-produced delight! We will certainly be looking to buy more of this and the other flavor varieties they offer!


Giuliano Tartufi Sea Salt with Black Truffle – $19.00

This has truffles which seriously ups the flavor factor, it will be an awesome finishing salt to so many dishes and maybe a dessert or two if I can find a good recipe!


Hea & co Finest Spanish Saffron 1g – $12.00 (?)

Saffron is essential in all Paella dishes and this is a great Saffron.  As mentioned on the included information sheet, it is the world’s most expensive spice, seeing that it takes 75,000 flowers and 20 hours of labor just to procure one pound, it is no wonder!


Pu’er Tea from Yunnan, China – $10.00

Not only did this smell really nice while brewing (almost like rice cooking) but was nice and smooth.  It was so good, that when I was not able to finish the first brewed pot, I sealed it up to save for the next day.


Awesome Recipe for a Seafood Free Paella alternative!! Again, so thoughtful!



Do you remember how I raved about this Orecchiette last month? Well, Sandro and Aman are so accommodating that I was able to add these to my box at a very reasonable cost (and save on shipping!) by a simple e-mail request!  On top of such great customer service, they also included a print out of their favorite recipe – which will be an upcoming blog post! It really is the small thoughtful details that count!

The approximate value of the items in the Gourmet Spotting Box is $57.00 (I am guessing about $12.00 for the saffron.) Again, this is an outstanding box and I eagerly anticipate the opening of their online store.  However, I am so happy they make it so easy to get more of the products you fall in love with!  (Note: I will be ordering more pasta and possibly tea seeing they are so hard to find!) I am also happy to support their efforts to provide a meal for every box sold. I am very excited to see next month’s box – just not sure I can wait that long!

**Use coupon code: MOMMY2013 for an additional free gourmet product worth $10 in your first box!

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