CraveBox Zatarain’s Big Game Review

CraveBox isn’t a standard monthly subscription box, typically you complete a survey and if picked they send you out the box. I signed up on their website to be notified when a specially themed boxes and surveys becomes available. Recently, Cravebox has added two additional methods of obtaining one of their specially themed boxes. The first is through the purchase of a Series. From the Cravebox website:

  1. Series Craveboxes are going to focus around one type of box or brand and will consist of 3-5 different boxes spanning over several months
  2. You have the ability up front to purchase all boxes in a series OR you can enter the drawing like a typical Cravebox for a single box

The second new method introduced is the “Instant” Crave box. Their explanation of an Instant CraveBox, again, from their site:

For each Cravebox shipment, we hold a few back as replacement boxes. But if all the replacement boxes aren’t sent, we have a few boxes from our original shipments available. Other times, products are so highly rated that we’re able to get a few more. So we whip up a completely new, mini-shipment containing some of our faves and voila! An Instant Box™ is born.

Crave Box tells you the price of all the boxes in advance (it will always be $15.00 or less) but you don’t get to know what’s in the box, just the theme of the box.


CraveBox – Zatarain’s Big Game Box is Here!!

CraveBox had a special offer that let you double or triple your contents with minimal up-charge! For some they did a “Double for Nothing!” (I almost asked if the chips were free?!? – yes I know that play on lyrics dates me!)


First Peek! They even included Mardi Gras Beads!!


(2) Zatarain’s Jambalaya Mix in Family Size – $11.99

We have had this before and Mommy and Daddy love it, it may be a bit spicy for the kiddo, but Zatarain’s offers it in a mild option!


(2) Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice – $8.50

Again, we like red beans and rice so we were very happy to see this in our box!


(2) True Lemon in Lemon Iced Tea – $10.98

Convenient iced tea to go!


(2) Zararain’s Creole Seasoning – $12.00

We have tried, and liked other creole seasoning on shrimp and chicken and we are hoping (pretty much expect) this to be as good as, if not better than the others!

(2) Zatarain’s Creole Mustard – $12.99

This tastes (by sticking my pinky in the jar!) like a good whole grain mustard, I could even see using this on sandwiches!


Recipe Cards Included!!


More Recipe Cards, we won’t run out of ideas in this house!!

Approximate value of this CraveBox is $56.46, this is absolutely phenomenal value! I only paid $15.00!! I continue to be impressed with Crave Box and the theme system they have in place! I am so pleased to see how well they did with this theme, and look forward to the next! We hope everyone enjoys the Big Game as much as we will! Crave on!

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