Graze Box Review -Week 1

Graze Box is a brand new weekly snack box that deliverers healthy, natural food in four individually portioned packages. The blends may include fruit, nuts seeds, crackers, and the occasional chocolate of yogurt bits. Any recipe blend you chose has been reviewed by a nutritionist to make sure each has a health benefit, that is then marked on their packaging. There are two varieties of graze boxes, a nibble box with around 90 varieties or a light box with around 50 low-cal snacks, each box gives you the choice to rate each snack or eliminate it completely from future shipments based on your preferences. The weekly cost is $5.00 but use the coupon code below to save on your first and fifth box!

*Use coupon code USAVIP to receive your first and fifth snack box free!


First Graze Box is Here!


Bottom of the box. How cute is the warning to “Turn me Over!”


First Peek!


Nice Welcome Card!


They sent invitation codes (Graze Box is currently invitation only!) and my invitees get their first box free and I get $1.00 my next box.


Very handy nutritional info included with the box!


Super Berry Detox – blueberries, cranberries, goji berries and green rasins

This was petty yummy and I got to have it all to myself!


Summer Berry Compote with Whole meal Shortbread

This is what they consider a dipper, and the compote was good!


Cookies and Cream – mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts & sunflower seeds

This one I had to share with the husband, it was just sweet enough, and I really liked the mix of textures.


The British Barbecue – basil baguettes, rosemary crostini, smoked almonds & seeds

I had to share this one too, and was my husbands favorite (OK mine too!) in fact, he insisted I go online and see if I could buy more in bulk  It was a perfect savory snack!

So we are big fans of the Graze box, we only wish we could buy more in maybe family sized portions?  I am very excited to see what next week holds!

*Use coupon code USAVIP to receive your first and fifth snack box free!

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