January Seasons Box Review – Soft and Cozy

Seasons Box is a new monthly subscription box that has the goal of introducing you to luxurious and environmentally conscious products that will stimulate your senses. “Each month we carefully compile 3-5 luxurious full size seasonal must-have products for your home, body, and spirit. Each month’s box is completely different and each box is tailored to one season (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn), or Seasonal Holidays and Occasions (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)”

The subscription costs are: 1 month trial box– $39.95, monthly membership – $34.90, 3 month – $99.70 ($33.23 per box), 6 month – $174.50 ($29.08 per box), 12 month – $349.00 ($29.08 per box). There was a promotion back in January for $250 for 12 months ($20.83 per box), that I decided I just couldn’t pass up!


My First Seasons Box has arrived!


First Peek! This month’s Theme is “Soft & Cozy”


This is a great information sheet on each product any why it was chosen.


Vance Kitira Allison (?) Scarf – $18.00

This is so warm and cozy, I had to put it on right away!! This is 100% cotton and hand woven by a hills tribe in northern Thailand.


Vance Kitira Cathedral Candle in Cinnamon Cranberry – $17.00


Whispering Willow Whipped Shea Butter in Lemon Grass – $8.00

This smells so vibrant and has a nice thick texture, I almost feel overly indulgent just putting it on my hands..almost 🙂 !

Growing Up Herbal Skin Nourishing Mini Bath Bombs in Aphrodisiac – $5.00 (?)


UnEarth Malee Thai Herbal Steam Bath Tea – $8.00

This month’s Seasons Box has an approximate value of $56.00, that is outstanding for the price I paid and how much I love these products! I am extremely happy with this box, especially the scarf, and think this will be a good monthly replacement for my Yuzen box (which has now gone quarterly!) Now I just have to try and be patient for February’s Box!!

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