February Julep Box Review – Cupid’s Mystery Box(s)

Julep is a nail care and polish company (They have a few salons in Washington state) with a subscription box called Julep Maven. When you first sign up to be a Julep Maven you complete a survey to determine your polish style, with one of four possible results.

Every so often Julep puts out a “Mystery Box” usually for an upcoming holiday an the cost is around $19.99, and most recently they have guaranteed a value between $70.00 and $200.00. So with this in mind I ordered two!!

*Use coupon code JULEPVIP to get your first box for $.01.


Box 1:

Everyday Hand Cream with SPF 30 (the closest match I could find on their site is Daylight Defense with SPF 30) – $28.00

Body Frosting in Pink Grapefruit – $18.00

TopCoat for Hair – $16.00

Maria – Shimmering platinum rose – $14.00

Molly – Classic red crème – $14.00

Petra – Cranberry magenta with silver shimmer – $14.00

Carrie – Classic, cotton candy pink crème. – $14.00

Eileen – Trina Turk Fall 2012 – $14.00

Lynn – Nude, blush pearl. – $14.00

Morgan – Frosty grape purple shimmer – $14.00

Nail Therapy Base Coat – $16.00

Coupon for One Free Nail Color – $14.00

Total Value for Box 1: $190.00


Box 2:

Lip Gloss in Camellia – $18.00

Rose – A juicy watermelon red crème. – $14.00

Molly – Classic red crème – $14.00

Niecy – Bright pink crème. – $14.00

Lynn – Nude, blush pearl. – $14.00

Coupon for One Free Nail Color – $14.00

Total Value for Box 2: $88.00

I farking love Julep right now, and honestly, my nails have not look this good from home since…well heck, I don’t know when. I received an amazing $278.00 worth of products for $39.00!! In fact, I was so impressed once I opened these, that I went online and ordered two more! (keep a look-out for up-coming giveaways!) These mystery boxes are an awesome value and I will definitely be participating in the next round!

4 thoughts on “February Julep Box Review – Cupid’s Mystery Box(s)

  1. OMG that is a serious jackpot!!!! I agree with you about my nails. I skyped with my grandma on Thursday (yeah, my g-parents are pretty awesome) and she was all like, YOUR NAILS ARE PAINTED. I had rid myself of all my old polish in our many moves and hadn’t had a chance to bother with getting new stuff.

    • I got rid of all my old polish too when the kiddo came. In fact I feel lucky to have finger tips, let alone finger nails after the teething stage (those puppies are sharp!!!)

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