January Bluum Box Review – Toddler

Bluum Box is a monthly mom and baby box that was initially geared towards newborn to around 13months. Just recently they decided to upgrade and expand their audience to toddlers and kiddos older than 13months. They made the announcement in an e-mail that went out in late December:

“We’ve been improving your bluum experience for the past couple of months. Things behind the scenes will go live starting in January.

  • Better matching – Each product we send will be based on your child’s age, every month. It’s like a personal shopper that guides your growing child!
  • Bluum for the whole family – Now you can add multiple children to your bluum family tree. Two babies, two toddlers, one of each – you name it, it’s possible.
  • New format – bluum toddler (13 months +) comes in a bigger box with full-size products and deluxe size samples – sizes you won’t get free anywhere else (bluum baby will soon follow).”

At this news, I decided to sign up for a 3 month subscription using a coupon code I bought from Plum District, so each box was $17.00!


After 2 shipping delays, my Bluum has arrived!!


First Peek!


According to the web site, this month’s theme for toddlers is suppose to be “Let’s Make a Memory” However, I received the “Balancing Act” – for 15 months, information card in my box


Little Pim French Wake Up Smiling DVD – $16.65

I love that they included this DVD, I wish I would have known about this series a little over a year ago when we took him to France (Yes, I am masochistic making his first trip international!)

Child’s Play, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly – $5.99 (Amazon)

Books are a huge part of this household, we feel the more, the merrier!

Workman Brain Quest-3Y-4Y – $11.95

I love this, although the kiddo may not understand all of the pictures quite yet, he was more than happy to sit with Mommy for 15+ minutes answering the questions he did know, and the other to the best of his ability!


Melissa & Doug Picture Bingo – $5.99

LOVE Melissa & Doug Toys, we have a boat load in our house! This was interesting trying to explain the concept of BINGO, he mostly just had fun spinning the wheel!

Mum Mum Toddler Snack in Strawberry – $3.25

Kiddo really likes these, they are now considered a treat! They are organic (which Mommy loves) and have a not too sweet strawberry flavor (yes, I took a bite of my kiddo’s snack!)


Boogie Wipes – $3.65

Clean noses are good for everyone. We have noticed a lot of ‘digging recently and have been offering tissues, these will be a nice soft alternative.

StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles – $20.25 (Sephora)

I have been wanting to try this, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money seeing that I do not have any stretch marks and already use anti-aging products! I do believe this will warrant it’s own blog post!!

So Bluum Box may be working out a few kinks after their expansion and upgrades, but they are totally forgiven!! The over all value was $67.73! Plus I love the educational material they included in the box (it saves me time trying to figure out the best ways to engage the kiddo, an I have been wanting to try some of the products (namely Strivectin, but was unwilling to shell out $135 for a 5 oz tube!) So long as they get their shipping and organization in line, this box is a total keeper!!

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