Graze Box Review – Week 2

Graze Box is a brand new weekly snack box that deliverers healthy, natural food in four individually portioned packages. The blends may include fruit, nuts seeds, crackers, and the occasional chocolate of yogurt bits. Any recipe blend you chose has been reviewed by a nutritionist to make sure each has a health benefit, that is then marked on their packaging. There are two varieties of graze boxes, a nibble box with around 90 varieties or a light box with around 50 low-cal snacks, each box gives you the choice to rate each snack or eliminate it completely from future shipments based on your preferences. The weekly cost is $5.00 but use the coupon code below to save on your first and fifth box!

*Use coupon code USAVIP to receive your first and fifth snack box free!


My Weekly Graze Box is Here!


First Peek!


They sent invitation codes (Graze Box is currently invitation only – Feel free to use my invitation code JHD2RXQD!) and my invitees get their first box free and I get $1.00 my next box.


Again, handy dandy nutritional information. I am super surprised that the Toffee Apple was only 67.5 calories (I sure hope I am not reading it wrong!)


Bonnie Wee Oatbakes with (wholegrain oatbakes with caramelized onion marmalade


Mississippi BBQ Pistachios

Husband was a fan, the kiddo liked them too! Not too spicy with a little bit of bbq!


Toffee Apple

I can’t believe these had such a small amount of calories I (literally) licked the toffee compartment!


Hot Cross Yum

Mommy got to enjoy these all by herself!! I really enjoyed the mix of flavors (I need to find more honey cinnamon almonds!) the orange of the raisins were not at all overwhelming , but a nice complement to the rest of the mix!

So we are still BIG fans of the Graze box, we only wish we could buy more in maybe family sized portions (hint hint to Graze box people!)? I will be e-mailing an inquire soon. They definitely do a good job of providing both savory and sweet snacks, to satisfy which ever craving you may be having. I am very excited to taste what next week holds!

*Use coupon code USAVIP to receive your first and fifth snack box free!

6 thoughts on “Graze Box Review – Week 2

  1. We just got our first box yesterday, the hot cross yum was in ours, too. We haven’t opened any of them, yet, though. It was definitely fun to go through the website crossing off the ones we had no interest in (the oatbakes was in that list…onion marmalade just wasn’t going to float our boat – curious whether you liked it), and we did get one of the ones we checked for getting more often. Curious to see how this all plays out, but so far it looks neat, and $5 for 4 healthy snacks isn’t too bad given the large variety if you compare that to what some people spend on things and then get tired of them and throw out half-boxes or whatever – even if we crossed 20 or so off the list, that’s still like 70 things that we might get any week.

    • I just looked into this. Apparently they grew a lot faster than they anticipated! While invitations weren’t limited initially, they are now limited to one per current graze subscriber.

      From their website:
      graze is new and space is very limited, but you can invite one lucky friend to join graze. If you’ve already invited someone, for now your invite code won’t work, but as soon as we have more space, we’ll let you know.

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