February Hammock Pack Review

Hammock Pack is a subscription box that promises to deliver a different themed “getaway” to your doorstep every month. The cost per month is $25.00 (the longest subscription offered is 3 months and there doesn’t seem to be a discount for the longer term option.) From the website:

“Every month, you’ll receive a surprise pack filled with everything you need to take a much-needed getaway without even leaving your home. Whether it’s as simple as a movie night or mementos from that exotic vacation you can’t find the time to take. So relax and let a little “me time” come to you.”

Previous themes have included:

December- Ski Lodge!
November- Italy
October- Leaf Peeping
September- Camping
August- Bed & Breakfast
July- Garden Party
June- Beach Day


Yeah! My Hammock Pack Getaway is Here!!


First Peek!


January’s Theme is “Movie Night”


Quinn Popcorn in Vermont Maple and Sea Salt – $4.99
This popcorn is farking AMAZING!! There is no crazy solid oil flavor patties or metal heating thing in the bag.  The popcorn is organic with no GMO ingredients and you can taste the difference –  the popcorn is light, the flavors taste real and I didn’t feel the need to drink a whole bottle of water after eating it.  It was so good in fact, we ordered more before we even finished the first bag!


Pure Palette Scents Tea Lights in Cinnamon Vanilla – $3.25
These smelly just like a warm snickerdoodle cookie! I am definitely saving these for when the kiddo is staying with Grandma & Grandpa or Mommy somehow get a solo weekend away, which ever comes first!

Oh La La Paper Straws – $8.00
How cute are these (and they come in different colors)? The kiddo is definitely into drinking from straws these days so the timing is perfect!


Whimsical Candy La-dee-dahs – $6.49
Yum, Mommy and Daddy really liked these! They are like a deconstructed snickers bar but with out peanuts and much better tasting (and they have a cute presentation!)


Komfortes Chockolates in Movie Night Bar – $3.49
As you know, I really like chocolate, but his was kind of ‘”heh” for me. They do have other flavors that sound interesting, especially the Tortilla Lime and Salt.

The approximate value of February’s Hammock Pack is $26.22, taking into account possible shipping costs, and the introduction to some Outstanding products, I am one happy camper! I am definitely looking forward to Hammock Pack’s future “Getaways!”

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