February Mantry Review

Mantry, Billed as “The Modern Man’s Pantry” is a monthly subscriptions service that sends 6-8 full sized products curated throughout the U.S.  The cost is $75.00 a month including shipping and includes an awesome crate!

My First Mantry is here!! How awesome is the crate?!?

First Peek!

Each month has a theme, February’s is “Retox”

Great Product information sheet listing the locations where product is produced and with which  alcohol the product is infused.

Jack Rudy
Tonic – $16.00
This sounds very nice! I can’t wait to give gin and tonic another try!

Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickle – $8.50
These look like they will go perfectly with a sandwich or a Bloody Mary!

Tuscan Vodka Sauce – $6.99
This was awesome! We had it with equally awesome Orecchiette pasta (See Gourmet Spotting Review) We will be ordering more of this and some of their other varieties.

Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Butter – $7.00
Talk about a new twist on a classic, this will make for an interesting sandwich!


Creminelli Whiskey Salami – $14.00
This will definitely be pulled out with some cheese, crackers and a delightful beverage or two!

Ovenly Bacon Caramel Corn – $5.25
The husband loved this! It is sweet then salty followed with spicy. It was definitely  a unique popcorn experience for me!

The overall value of February’s Mantry is $57.74. That is considerably less than the $75.00 I paid, however, with the cost of the awesome crate and shipping, I think the $17.00 discrepancy is understandable. Plus, the products are all small companies and I am always happy to help small business.

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