PopSugar Limited Edition Summer Fun Box Now on Sale!!

PopSugar has just started taking orders for their limited edition Summer Fun Box! Cost is $100 including shipping (not including tax if applicable)

Special Edition Limited Time Only


  • Prep for Summer with our new Special Edition box
  • Must Have Summer finds hand-curated by our editors
  • A unique gift for family and friends to soak up the season
  • $100 with free shipping. Limited quantities available

Does anyone plan on ordering it? Have you ordered any other PopSugar limited edition boxes?

3 thoughts on “PopSugar Limited Edition Summer Fun Box Now on Sale!!

  1. I totally want to buy this but they don’t giv us ANY nfo asto what will be inside so I just can’t. They should give one really good spoiler right before it sells out and I’ll be on board. Love your blog and I subbed…I see there are others on the Earth ho love boxes in the mail asmuch as I do 🙂

  2. I can’t justify $100 on a mystery box! And I went to the website for more information and couldn’t find any. They have to be promising $300+ products in this or something. I hope someone I know gets it so I can see the contents!!

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