February Bluum Box Review – Toddler

Bluum Box is a monthly mom and baby box that was initially geared towards newborn to around 13months. Just recently they decided to upgrade and expand their audience to toddlers and kiddos older than 13months. They made the announcement in an e-mail that went out in late December:

“We’ve been improving your bluum experience for the past couple of months. Things behind the scenes will go live starting in January.

  • Better matching – Each product we send will be based on your child’s age, every month. It’s like a personal shopper that guides your growing child!
  • Bluum for the whole family – Now you can add multiple children to your bluum family tree. Two babies, two toddlers, one of each – you name it, it’s possible.
  • New format – bluum toddler (13 months +) comes in a bigger box with full-size products and deluxe size samples – sizes you won’t get free anywhere else (bluum baby will soon follow).”

Yay! My FEBRUARY Bluum Box is finally here.  they seem to be having some issue with timely shipping ever since they expanded their service, I am really hoping they pull it together!

First Peek!

This month’s theme is “Vrooom! Stay indoors and play make believe with your toddler.”

A little blurb about this month’s theme.

Melissa & Doug
 Press and Spin Game in Birthday Bear; Number Match and Drawing Game – $5.99
They included another press and spin type game last month, the Kiddo really enjoys pressing the dial and watching it spin, not quite sure how I feel about the redundancy.

Mini 4 Pack – $2.75
This really made me nostalgic! The smell was just as I remembered!

Cricket BabyBug Magazine Issue – $3.77 ($33.95 9 issues/1 year)
I didn’t realize right away that this was a magazine type subscription, but it is cute with a lot of short stories and songs and pictures.

Mix and Match Opposites – $2.99 (Amazon)
Great book, it is divided in half (top and bottom) with pictures you can align to show opposites (hot & cold, wet & dry)

GoGo Squeez in Apple Banana – $1.00
The Kiddo loves these, in fact I think the box was open no more than 5 minutes before he grabbed this!

Pure Bars Organic Wild Blueberry Bar – $2.19
The Kiddo liked this a lot too! I may have to look into getting more of these!

Dapple Travel Size Dish Liquid – $1.99
I have been wanting to try this company’s products for a while now, I just wished it wasn’t the dish soap, I would have much preferred a surface wipe.

BabyGanics Lip Balm and Sunscreen in Apple Berry – $9.99
Yay, more lip Balm! I am starting to build quite the collection, It is always great to have on hand or in a handbag!

7 A.M. Enfant $25.oo Gift Voucher ( a minimum $50.00 dollar amount spent is required!)

So Bluum Box is still working out a few kinks after their expansion and upgrades. The over all value was $30.67 (not including the 7 a.m. infant voucher because it requires a purchase) this is not quite as high of a value as last month, but is still above the price I paid for the box. I also like the reading material and the Play-Doh (made me feel nostalgic) they included in the box.  They still need to get the shipping and organization in line, and if they do so soon, I would consider this box is a keeper.

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