March Lip Factory Box Review

Lip Factory is a monthly makeup subscription service that bills itself as “exclusive and affordable.” Although they do include a variety of makeup products, they will occasionally focus completely on lips. The cost is $22.00 per month including shipping.

WooHooo! My first Lip Factory Box is Here!!

First Peek!

March is “All About the Lips!”

It seems this is where they list the products and give any special instructions (?)

My Lip Factory Box full of lip products!

What was included:

  • Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss in Kiss Off (Bubble Gum Pink with a Shimmer) – $14.00 I am not quite sure how I feel about this color, I will have to wait and see what it looks like on!
  • Korres Liquid Lipstick in Berry – $22.00 This felt really nice and smooth going on, it says it is water based, so that must really help with not only application but moisture as well.
  • Designer Skin Lip Shimmer in Pink Tangerine – $9.99 This is a really cool click to apply gloss, it is a nice transparent color with just enough shimmer.
  • OFRA Cosmetics Lipstick in Berry Sexy – $13.00 This must be mislabeled, this is much darker than any “berry cosmetic color’ I have seen, it is more like a dark burgundy.
  • LaSplash Lip Laquer in Forbidden – $6.99 I haven’t tried this yet, but is looks like a very spring friendly color, I just hope it isn’t too intense.
  • NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Deep Red – $4.50 I applied this over a lip balm and really liked the “stained” effect it had!
  • Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex – $1.40 (?) This feels like a very intense lip balm with a whole bunch of specialized conditioners.
  • Lip Factory Lip Brush – $5.00 Awesome! I am always happy to add to my brush collection!

The overall value of my first Lip Factory box is $76.88! This is Amazing Value for the $22.00 I paid! If this is what they do for lips, I can’t wait to see what happens when they focus on a different part of the face!! I really like this month’s box and am really excited to see what next month holds!

One thought on “March Lip Factory Box Review

  1. I love Lip Factory.. And what makes them even more amazing is their customer service. Can’t wait for Aprils box. Have you ever tried they are my 2 favorite beauty subs

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