March Bug Out Box Review

So, I got a notification about a new subscription box about 2 months ago. This subscription definitely does not fall in any of my usual categories, however, I am very excited about it and best case scenario I am a little bit more prepared for a disaster or ready for my next camping trip!

Bug Out Box is a new monthly subscription box that promises to deliver the tools you’ll need to survive the next catastrophe.

“Each box is filled with quality survival gear, handpicked by our trusted preppers and survivalists.

  • Discover 5-8 unique survival items
  • Walk through meaningful content developed to help you understand and survive different conditions
  • Learn how to use your items effectively
  • Achieve peace of mind by preparing yourself and your family for everything

The cost is $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

My First Bug Out Box is Here!

Just Open!

Included Item List!

Scenario Survival Guide. This month’s Scenario is “Lost in a Forest”

*Although both the item list and scenario Guide were printed on nice glossy card stock, the print was very blurry and difficult to read. I really hope they improve the clarity for next month as I would much rather have something legible in black and white, than something that is fancy but strains my eyes!

First Peek of the items!

Coghlans Emergency Stove – $7.95

Nature Valley Granola Bar in Peanut –$0.50

Emergency Zone Emergency Blanket – $3.25

KT (?) Self Powered Squeeze Flashlight – $3.99

Survivalist’s Pocket Saw – $5.00

Mouse Trap – $0.99

BugX 30 Insect Repellent Towelette – $0.60

SOS Food Lab Inc Emergency Purified Drinking Water – $0.75

And Finally…

Coghlans Waterproof Matches – $0.59

I have never been a very woodsy camping type, but the idea does appeal to me (I think I could handle some sort of glamping or designated camping spot in a camp ground) and all of these items seem very very handy to have around and with how easily they fit in the box, are very portable as well!

The overall value of the first Bug Out Box is $23.62, only slightly lower that then $27.94 (including shipping) that I paid. I am not disappointed and am giving a bit of leeway because they are new and I am being introduced to new products and ideas. I am anxious to see which scenario they will help me survive next month!

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