CraveBox After School Surprise Review

CraveBox isn’t a standard monthly subscription box, typically you complete a survey and if picked they send you out the box. I signed up on their website to be notified when a specially themed boxes and surveys becomes available. Recently, Cravebox has added two additional methods of obtaining one of their specially themed boxes. The first is through the purchase of a Series. From the Cravebox website:

  1. Series Craveboxes are going to focus around one type of box or brand and will consist of 3-5 different boxes spanning over several months
  2. You have the ability up front to purchase all boxes in a series OR you can enter the drawing like a typical Cravebox for a single box

The second new method introduced is the “Instant” Crave box. Their explanation of an Instant CraveBox, again, from their site:

For each Cravebox shipment, we hold a few back as replacement boxes. But if all the replacement boxes aren’t sent, we have a few boxes from our original shipments available. Other times, products are so highly rated that we’re able to get a few more. So we whip up a completely new, mini-shipment containing some of our faves and voila! An Instant Box™ is born.

Crave Box tells you the price of all the boxes in advance (it will always be $15.00 or less) but you don’t get to know what’s in the box, just the theme of the box.

Yay! My Cravebox After School Surprises Box is here!


The theme information sheet.

First Peek!

Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Stix – $0.55

Werther’s Original with Caramel Apple Filling – $1.20
Ymmm! I really like these, they are a nice twist on an old time favorite!

SunSweet Plum Amazing – $0.55
The Kiddo loved these, they were practically inhaled!!

Hero Yummy Bears DHA Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins – $29.00 (taken from the company’s website for a 60 count bottle)
The Kiddo really like his vitamins in gummy form, Mommy really likes that this company is local and they have an organic option!

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel – $4.99
This will be great for summer and after our beach days!

Halo Oral Antiseptic – $9.99

Bic  Atlantis Ball Pen in Fashion Colors – $6.50

Little Pim Spanish Language Educational DVD – $16.65

Bic Velocity Mechanical Pencils – $10.15

Approximate value of this CraveBox is $79.58, this is absolutely phenomenal value! I only paid $15.00!! I continue to be impressed with Crave Box and the theme system they have in place! I am so pleased to see what they did with this theme and the new purchase options they have added! Crave on!

One thought on “CraveBox After School Surprise Review

  1. I buy a lot of different Craveboxes too, but I never saw this one! Was it a special for people who have a blog? I want it!! I looked on their site right after I received this review in my e-mail, but can not find it. Any suggestions? Maybe they will put it out as an instant box? Or maybe you got it as a preview before they release it?

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