March Bluum Box Review

I apologize to everyone for not posting since for a while, I do hope everyone is enjoying the contest in my absence however!!

Bluum Box is a monthly mom and child box that is geared towards newborn to around 36 months. The cost is $24.95 per month or $21.00 per month for an annual subscription.

From a recent e-mail:
“We’ve been improving your bluum experience for the past couple of months. Things behind the scenes will go live starting in January.
Better matching – Each product we send will be based on your child’s age, every month. It’s like a personal shopper that guides your growing child!
Bluum for the whole family – Now you can add multiple children to your bluum family tree. Two babies, two toddlers, one of each – you name it, it’s possible.
New format – bluum toddler (13 months +) comes in a bigger box with full-size products and deluxe size samples – sizes you won’t get free anywhere else (bluum baby will soon follow).”

WooHoo! The Kiddo’s Bluum Box is Here! (And A Great Big Thank You! to Samantha C. for using my referral link to make next month’s box possible!)

First Peek!

March’s Theme is “Spring Fling!”

Paul Frank 17″ Julius Knitted Monkey – $14.99
This is so cute and our Monkey took to this monkey immediately!

Happy Family Happy Yogis Yogurt and Fruit Snacks – $3.25
We haven’t eaten these yet, but other variety have been a huge hit!

Happy Family Happy Munchies Rice Cakes in Apple – $3.59
These disappeared in one sitting (Mommy helped a little) and they were good!

Melissa and Doug Snake Bubble Buddy – $8.99
The Monkey Loves Bubbles (mom is not a fan of the bubble mess) but, we had so much fun playing with this outside!

My First Sticker and Coloring Book by Make Believe Ideas – $3.00
This is great for entertaining the kiddo! Although we don’t quite color within the lines yet, we do love coloring and putting stickers everywhere, even on ourselves!

Kids Konserve Food Kozy Wrap in Mud – $4.50
This is a really cool product and has already come in handy a few times! I love that it is re-usable and perfect for sandwiches and snacks on the go!

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb – $5.00
I have heard great things about this and am very excited to try it! Have any of you used this before?

So Bluum Box has figured out their assembly and shipping issues, which makes me a very happy camper (especially when I receive the box in the correct month!) The over all value was $43.32 this is well above the price I paid for the box and the kiddo loved everything in it. I also like the treat for mom they included in the box, I am a big fan of lip balm, especially one that imparts a nice color. This box is definitely a keeper!

One thought on “March Bluum Box Review

  1. I received almost the exact same box and love it too! I didn’t receive any lip product though! I wonder if they forgot mine? Anyway, I have used the Burt’s Bees lip shimmer before in a mauve color, and loved it! My daughter loves her monkey and the Mombo bubble snake! The Easter Bunny brought it for her!!

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