March Hammock Pack Review

Hammock Pack is a subscription box that promises to deliver a different themed “getaway” to your doorstep every month. The cost per month is $25.00 (the longest subscription offered is 3 months and there doesn’t seem to be a discount for the longer term option.) Hammock Pack has become one of my favorite boxes each month. I love the mix of items that are included according to the theme, and the surprise element (the only hint I have ever seen was for the theme on their blog) From the website:

“Every month, you’ll receive a surprise pack filled with everything you need to take a much-needed getaway without even leaving your home. Whether it’s as simple as a movie night or mementos from that exotic vacation you can’t find the time to take. So relax and let a little “me time” come to you.”

Previous themes have included:

February – Movie Night
December- Ski Lodge!
November- Italy
October- Leaf Peeping
September- Camping
August- Bed & Breakfast
July- Garden Party
June- Beach Day

Yay! My Hammock Pack has Arrived!

First Peek!

This Month’s Theme is “Spa Day” – Goodness knows Mommy could use one (or three!) of those!!

Product Information Sheet

Aqua Blossom Botanical Blend Facial Steam – $3.50
I am very excited to try this, it will be a great start to my “Spa Day.”

Aqua Blossom Lip Polish in Buttercream – $8.00
My lips felt nice and soft and smooth after using this, not to mention the yummy smell!

Aura Cacia Soothing Organic Milk & Oat Bath – $3.29
A nice good soak is just what the doctor ordered. Now I just need to find kiddo free time and to clean the bathtub and remove the massive amount of toys!

Ayeley Naturals Bar Soap in Blissful Balance – $6.00
This smells AMAZING! It reminds me of Aveda’s curessence and very reminiscent of a spa. I will be buying more of this.

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips – $3.20
The Dad absolutely loves coconut, so these are definitely welcome in this house!

Teatulia Green Tea – $4.99
Mommy loves tea of all varieties. This looks like it would make a great afternoon option!

Good Cacao with Coconut Omega-3 – $5.69
More coconut means a happy Dad. Even though it is mainly chocolate Mommy is willing to share! 🙂

The approximate value of this month’s Hammock Pack is $34.67. I love the introduction to all of the new products I would never find on my own! This month’s theme was awesome and I will use each and every item and am definitely looking forward to Hammock Pack’s future “Getaways!”

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