Hello! and Welcome!

After doing a little research and reading many posts on other blogs, I  discovered the wonderful, wide world of subscription boxes and specialized home deliveries!  I am now hooked and  decide to start this blog  hoping to share, box by box and delivery by delivery,  my excitement, discovery and experience with everyone willing to read!

The current plan is to post pictures, opinions and value of each box (time and two year old willing) as they come in!

Seeing that I am new to blogging, please  leave feed-back  and any ideas  about things you would like to see more (or less) of!  I would also love to hear about your own experiences with subscription boxes  or anything home delivery! Feel Free to contact me at: Mommy@Mommysubscriptions.com

Thank you for joining me, I am happy to have you along as this blog begins to grow!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I did! It was very exciting, esp . to see how many people actually entered 🙂 I wrote down your address so feel free to delete it from above (you never know now a days!) What’s name should I address the package to?

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